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In 2017 my world fell apart. In the space of a month my daughter moved to America to live with her dad, my mother lost her battle with cancer and I ended my relationship with my boyfriend of three years. The trifecta of loss and the grief I experienced was devastating.

I was working in a job that no longer sparked joy. I felt like life was passing me by and my soul was dying under fluorescent office lighting. I needed to make a change.

I heard about an opportunity at Haka Tours - they were looking for tour guides. I have always loved to travel. I've lived around the world and hosted many visitors over the years and often joked about giving my local "VIP tours" to family, friends and friends of friends.

I now had no kids at home, no man holding me back - I could get on the road for weeks at a time and get out of my empty house and most importantly, my own head.

So began my journey of self-discovery.

On my training trip to become a Haka Tour Manager I was pushed right out of my comfort zone. I had never wanted to do anything adventurous - I was scared of heights, the dark, the cold, birds with big beaks - I had so many barriers in my mind.

They asked at the start of our training trip, is everyone comfortable with black water rafting, bungy jumping, skydiving, heli-hiking, parasailing? I couldn't be the only one to raise my hand and say I didn't want to do ANY of those things! A month later I had done them all plus so much more...

A year later and I now know from experience how travelling and challenging yourself can help you remember who you are OR it can help you become who you want to be. I know how transformative the experience can be because first I changed my own life.

Explore the world, discover yourself.

Now I'm challenging myself to use my experience and skills to be my own boss getting paid to do what I love. Tours, Publicity, Events - I keep waiting for one of my business mentors to say, no, you can't do ALL that, you need to focus on one. But as one said to me, I can't tell you what to do - you're already doing it!

Glorious is a family-focused business set up to honor my beloved mother GLORIA. It was a dream of my mum and sisters to combine our love of travel and create a way to see the world with our family and friends.

I am still trying to find my way in a world that no longer has my number one fan, cheerleader, supporter and day one ride-or-die mum in it, but I am committed to continuing this dream in her name.

When you join a Glorious Tour you become part of my family. When my sisters and I plan a Glorious Event for you, we do it in the style of our mum, who was the ultimate cook, hostess, punch maker and entertainer. Glorious Publicity comes from her gifts of communication and connection.

Dear Māma

I know you are watching and that you continue to bless me with your love and support. When I see a glorious rainbow, witness a stunning sunrise or sunset and feel the warmth of the sun on my face - I know you are with me. Always. I hope to still make you proud. He aroha mutunga kore.

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