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Tia Lavea

New Zealand

I loved every moment of the inaugural Glorious Hawaii Tour 2019. Louisa's extensive knowledge of Hawaii and her contacts allowed our tour party to experience all that the Aloha State had to offer on and off the beaten track. There are so many wonderful things to see and do.


Tell Louisa what your travel goals are and she will make it happen.


This was my 4th time on the island and one of my MANY highlights on this tour was definitely experiencing the native food through the eyes of the locals, finding out about the ecosystems in place for sustainability at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, and finally visiting Hilo on the Big Island for the first time.


I would definitely jump on another Glorious Tour and I am already planning to go back on the Hawaii Tour in 2020.

Justine Stephens


I had the privilege of travelling to Hawai’i with Louisa as our tour guide. She is hugely knowledgeable of the islands and did a wonderful job sharing what she knew of Hawai’i, the history and the culture.


Not only did she take us to all the tourist spots, but also to local events and places that I’m sure other tourists weren’t privy to.  Although we had a full agenda, Louisa was always flexible with times and often asked if there was anything additional that we wanted to see or do. Any requests were always accommodated for without attitude or complaint.


The highlight of my trip was travelling to Hilo to watch the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, which has been on my bucket list for so long.  As Louisa is a regular attendee, she graciously advised us on what to expect, the do’s and the don’ts, where to shop and what designers to look for at the Craft Fairs. This Hawaii tour was amazing and I highly recommend Louisa as a guide.


  • from UK living in Dubai


    Louisa! Thank you! This has been the most amazing week (in NZ) I came here thinking the tour would help with the logistics of travelling but in fact I found a family. You are the heart and soul of that. I thought I would hate the group aspect but instead I found a group who supported everyone. I came on this tour wanting to push myself and skydive - something that mentally freaked me out. I DID THE SKYDIVE and hardly had any fear and the reason was because of the support of every single person on tour. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much. I cried with laughter every day and I cried with sadness when I left. DO NOT stop what you are doing! This is more than a travelling tour it’s a life experience.

  • USA (Hasta La Vista, Baby!)


    Words cannot describe the pleasure I’ve had these past weeks discovering Aotearoa/New Zealand with you. My favorite moment was stargazing while you sang that beautiful Maori song, nothing can match that sublime moment. You are very special and so is your gorgeous country. I’m a fan! Cheers / Kia ora!

  • USA


    KIA ORA!! Thank you for your constant exuberance and excitement through every drive and activity in New Zealand. You are truly a perfect representative of your country. You match its fervor for life, its excitement around every corner, and its constant reminder to live life to its fullest.


    Thank you for all your dedication and hard work making sure we saw, smelled, heard and tasted the true Aotearoa NZ.

  • UK


    Kia ora! Thank you for a great trip around NZ in the time machine! I can’t believe 21 days have flown by so quickly. I’ve loved all the nature and amazing scenery.


    I’ve learnt so much:

    1. About Māori history

    2. Real fruit ice cream is the best

    3. I need to practice my haka! 

    Ka pai!

  • Germany


    Thank you for an amazing trip through NZ. I always had the feeling of visiting a friend and local Kiwi who showed me her favourite spots. I love your spirit, passion and positivity. It was great to see that you got nervous and kept fingers crossed everybody could do all their activities. That shows that you really care about your groups. I had the best time with many new experiences, great adventures and exciting moments.


    Thank you for sharing the Maori background with us. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide!

  • UK


    There are no words to describe the mesmerising and inspiring sights, culture, stories and people of Aotearoa NZ and the wonders that it has to offer - you have to see it, experience it and live it for yourself. At the heart and soul of every place, story and song is Louisa. I was lucky to live and learn from her along my greatest journey in life so far. 


    Touring with Louisa is like being part of the whānau (family) and the personal touches and thoughtfulness that she brings shines through at every opportunity. There is nothing this lady sets her mind to that she won’t achieve... especially if it means something extra special for those with her on the journey, or if there is a Hot Pool at the end of it. My Tour was Glorious in every way; I lived, I laughed & I loved and I’m so looking forward to the opportunity of being able to experience so much more of her wisdom and worldly ways in some exciting new places.   Shot Bro x 

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